GPS or Global Printing Solutions Group is an international group consisting of 4 companies and focused on 2 main fields of activities: print production service and sales of materials for graphic industry.


We draw our competence from more than 20 years of experience of our partners and personnel in the graphic industry as a service and solutions provider for the publishing and printing industry.


GPS group has invested substantial financial resources and extensive experience into building a dedicated network of specialized producers that have the knowledge, technical skills, latest technology, environmental awareness and client-oriented attitude that are essential in the competitive environment of graphic industry of today.


The capacities and the equipment available allow us to offer the market a wide range of highest quality products, competitive prices and speedy and reliable delivery. We are specialized in the book production, mainly colour books but also 2- and 1-color products, in hardcover and softcover versions, integral-bound books and wire stitched products.


GPS group has at the same time built a committed relationship with some of the best and most renowned suppliers of material for graphic industry, especially in the area of printing plates for offset printing.


In order to optimize the sales and after-sales processes and to even further expand our international presence several companies were established that cater to different market segments.




Scandinavia is our biggest and most important market where our long-term cooperation with a number of important publishing houses in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland proves the high quality of our services and products.


The market is served through our front office, the company Oy Ednas Print of Finland, located in the city of Porvoo, Finland.


France and Benelux is our second largest and fastest growing market. PP-F Sarl is a French company in Paris that is our front office for the sales activities in the French market, where we successfully work with a number of large and medium-sized publishers. It is also our base for the sales activities in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Slovenia is our home market where we provide printing services to a number of book and magazine publishers, institutions, galleries etc.
It is also the location of our biggest office. The company Ednas Print d.o.o. is a back office and logistic centre for the whole group. From our location in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we focus on our main activities: follow-up of all projects, initial pre-press check of all incoming files, quality control, handling of all logistics, preparation of all the documents and invoices, etc.




GPS Internationale Handels Holding GmbH is the mother company of the Group, with the seat in Velden, Austria. Apart from being the strategic and financial centre of the Group it is also active in the sales of materials for graphic industry with major focus on printing plates for offset printing.